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“The Woodstock 89 Tape (8/16/89)” – recorded August 16, 19891:30:40 – 83.1 MB - StationUnlimited.com release #1 (December 17, 2005) – su-W89-01_Wdstck89_Tape-001

I started a magazine in college with my friend Mike. It was called Anything But Monday, and by 1988 we were distributing it to comic books shops nationwide. Unfortunately, we didn’t sell enough copies to keep it going, and by the summer of 1989 the business was falling apart.

On August 16, 1989, just 3 months before the final collapse of the magazine in November, Mike and I took a trip up to Bethel, NY, where people had gathered in an impromptu celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Woodstock, often referred to as Woodstock ‘89 (here is the Wikipedia article on it.) The idea was that we would take pictures and interview people for a feature in the magazine. We recorded a 90-minute tape of the event, primarily so we could transcribe the interviews for the magazine.

After we left Bethel, our car broke down and we watched the lunar eclipse in the parking lot of some municipal building in the middle of nowhere. Eventually, our business partner Jim Lord came and rescued us. We put together the feature for our last issue, as seen below (click for larger pictures):

And here are some hi-res scans of the photos we took (in chronological order):01-Dennis 02-Daniel 03-Steven 04-Ziggy_and_Bosco 05-Karen 06-Max 07-Gary 08-Robert 09-Maureen 10-Debbie 11-Murph 12-George 13-UnknownThe set on Flickr is here.

The interview tape sat in a box for over 11 years. In January 2001, I finally listened to it and put in on computer, editing some segments for my Internet radio station, Bluffcosm.com. I was amazed at how vastly superior the audio itself was to the print piece we had derived from it. At that time, I put together 5 audio pieces (“Blufftoons”), totalling about 20 minutes. Plus, I exctracted a segment called “Mountain Madness” which I used in several other Blufftoons.

Now, on December 17, 2005, I am finally releasing the audio of the complete tape. Absolutely nothing is edited out – this is the full, raw audio. Besides being quite entertaining, I think this recording also has some historical significance. I hope you enjoy it!!!

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