icon for podpress  Frank at the Apple Store Fifth Avenue Opening (5/19/06) [156:49m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

“Frank at the Apple Store Fifth Avenue Opening (5/19/06)” – recorded May 19, 20062:36:49 – 143.6 MB - StationUnlimited.com release #42 (May 20, 2006) – su-AFT-03-AppleStore5th-042

I went to check out the opening of the new Apple Store Fifth Avenue and I wound up recording over 2-and-a-half hours of audio! Instead of waiting weeks or months to edit it and play it on the show, I figured I’d release the raw audio right away for your listening pleasure… nothing edited (except a few phone numbers I had to bleep). Ben from CodedSignal.com pretty much became my co-host at one point. I met a bunch of other podcasters there – it was a lot of fun! (P.S. Gaurav got in at 9:50 PM.)

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