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“The Bluffcosm 5-Minute Vacation From Sanity #4″ – originally released May 20015:00 – 4.58 MB - StationUnlimited.com release #79 (June 25, 2007) – su-VFS-04-VacaFromSan_4-079

“The Bluffcosm 5-Minute Vacation From Sanity” is a feature made up of various clips and outtakes from other Blufftoons from Bluffcosm.com (my old Internet radio station). The end result of 5 minutes of audio strangeness that can be quite enjoyable to listen to over and over again.

#4 was released on Bluffcosm.com in May 2001. Original description: Get ‘em on film. Uh-oh. Hey Robert. What’s up? Get your underwear back? No. Damn! Damn the system!

This piece was also released in Daily Podcast From Another Place (October 2004 to January 2005).

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