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“Classictronica #2 (Distilled Highlights)” – recorded June 9, 2001 - 3:24 – 3.12 MB - StationUnlimited.com release #86 (July 5, 2007) – su-CTR-03-CT2_DistHigh_086

Originally released on Bluffcosm.com in November 2001. Edited from “Classictronica #2″, recorded at a NAVA video game collector’s meeting at Video Game Connections in Howell, NJ.

Some potentially “offensive” content.

This is one of my favorite “Blufftoons”. Blufftoons were the audio pieces on my Internet radio station, Bluffcosm.com. The idea was that a piece of non-music audio could be listened to over and over just like a song. To me, this Blufftoon is a real nihilistic treat.

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