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1:12 – In case you haven’t heard, I’ve returmed to doing my original show, The Overnightscape. It’s available at, and also on iTunes. Come and listen today!


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The Frank Nora Show has a new website – (It can also be reached via And it’s easy to find on the iTunes Store.

Additionally, you can hear it (along with many other great shows) on The Overnightscape Underground – a wild frontier of Internet radio experimentation – enter if you dare!

The Frank Nora Show is a direct continuation of Frank’s previous shows - The Overnightscape (2003-2009) and The Rampler (2008-2009).

With a brand new episode released most weekdays, the show is still going strong and is better than ever – tune in and check it out!

For all my new shows, go to ONSUG.COM

See you there!!


To celebrate the 7th Anniversary of The Overnightscape, I have launched a new website:

On this site, you can listen to my entire radio archive in a convenient, web-based player – all of The Overnightscape, The Rampler, The Overnightscape Underground, and a whole lot more! There’s never been an easier way to listen to the archive – which currently stands at 1,865 tracks with 1,618 hours of audio (67.4 days).


I came up with the idea for The Overnightscape on Thursday, March 13, 2003. I was on my way home from work in NYC, riding the PATH train back to NJ. Here’s exactly what I wrote on my Palm Pilot:

3/13/03 6:54 pm

non-meta half-hour talk show, just me

3/13/03 7:03 pm

the overnightscape

I went home, set up my recording system, and started recording the show at around 9:55 PM – less than 3 hours after I wrote down my idea for the show and its name (wow, just think, it could have been called Nightscans…) What I recorded was The Overnightscape Beta #1 – the first of two test shows I did before releasing the first official episode two weeks later.

Hear these and all the rest on!


After a bit of chaos in the past few years, The Overnightscape has evolved into The Overnightscape Underground – still essentially the same, but with a slightly different configuration.

It’s been 7 years, and the pleasantly insane rambling is still going strong – and getting more insane all the time!!!

Enjoy the archive!

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Calling All Listeners (12/6/09) 23.9 (1:05:15 / 60 MB)
The Overnightscape Underground – December 2009 – Track 9

“Your Late Night Broadcast” online at
Created by Frank Nora ( in New Jersey, USA

Frank in The Overnightscape Studio. Sending out a transmission on all channels – letting former listeners know that things are continuing on The Overnightscape Underground (… search “onsug” on iTunes / iPhone to subscribe). History of the shows, snow, Artisan Market, church basement, Bye-Bye Box, bands, creativity, playing games and watching videos, to-do list, The Young Ones, Oban single malt Scotch, audio clip from government video “Safety Series: Offenders and Defendants with Mental Disorders” (2005), The Weather Channel int he old days, FedFlix collection, coverage of “The Decade” in the magazine Entertainment Weekly, Y2K bug, 9/11. economic crash, Beyonce, Harry Potter, Pixar, old and out of touch, Polish candy review (Solidarnosc Plum in Chocolate), The Rampler on WFMU, Japanese pen review (Tombow Airpress), bubble gum review (Hubba Bubba Glop – Strawberry Gush), Pinball Corner (Vector (Bally, 1982), Bazooka Joe memories, Second Life, Rustic Soaps, After Dark, and please continue.
License for this track: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States ( Attribution: by Frank Edward Nora – more info at

Check out the site:

My old Internet radio station,, was established on November 19, 1999, and lasted until May 20, 2004. Here is a copy of the very last version of the Bluffcosm website, before it switched over to being

This copy of the old site has a LOT of dead links and outdated information. But it does contain a lot of very interesting stuff!

Welcome to the new version of the Station Unlimited website! Over the past week or so I have converted all the existing content of Station Unlimited into WordPress format. I have “backdated” all entries to reflect the original date of release.

The logo below is the old logo on the site… the logo above is one I am considering as the new logo…

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