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“Audio Street Fair Blues (6/11/07)” – recorded June 11, 200720:04 – 18.3 MB - release #74 (June 19, 2007) – su-PLS-01-AudioStreetFB-074

On Monday, June 11, 2007 I was walking through Times Square in NYC and I saw a street fair called “Taste of Times Square”. Iwent went for 2 blocks on 46th St. from Times Square to 9th Ave. I walked the full length of it and realized it would make a great “Place Sounds” piece (a recording of an audio environment). So I started recording and heading back through the fair.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out like I planned. First of all a lot of the musicians I had seen on the first walk thru were taking their breaks. Then it started to rain… lightly at first and then it turned into a real downpour. And then I realized I had pressed pause by accident and lost a lot of the stuff I was recording.

This piece is the final result – the first in the “Place Sounds” series on Station Unlimited (and the first release in over 6 months!). I look forward to recording more “Place Sounds” in the future – it is certainly a different kind of audio content than what people are used to, but in the right frame of mind such stuff can be very enjoyable and intriguing to listen to.

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